To Evelyn is a glorious tribute to the stars of a Yorkshire working men's club and the woman who idolised them

The ’90s are pretty trendy now – look around and marvel at the plethora of Kappa, Ellesse, bumbags, the return of the Spice Girls; and the graphic designers’ love of post-ironic MS Paint lookalikes.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist.

Like any form of nostalgia that’s most readily co-opted by those too young to remember it the first time around, it’s easy to forget the less, well, cool side of things.

Here to remind us of the crispy perms and greased back curtains that sat atop the heads of ’90s-folk is a superb new book from London-based graphic design studio Patrick Fry. Entitled To Evelyn, Posters from the Stars, the book draws together a collection of posters promoting local entertainers at a working men’s club in a small Yorkshire pit village.

“Originally collected in the 1990s by local personality Evelyn Short and now assembled by her grandson David, the posters are a celebration of a bygone era,” Fry explains.

“Pre-internet and social media, this was one of the few ways to create another you, presenting an identity far removed from the day to day. The book explores national identity and sense of self, reminding us that with the right imagination we can transform into anyone or anything. The posters, many signed ‘To Evelyn’ celebrate those identities, the weekend superstars, in all their glory.”

The images are absolutely brilliant; and if the likes of Pink Gin, resplendent in pleather against a shimmering purple backdrop, don’t make you smile, perhaps nothing will. The book is published by CentreCentre.

We previously covered Fry’s work when he created a beautiful book celebrating the unappreciated designs of the humble brick.


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