Naughty but nice branding for tapas bar Nudista by Erretres

When Micky Irisarri required branding for a new restaurant concept, he approached Madrid-based communications agency, Erretres.

The team explains: "The client came to Erretres with a strong conviction that would lend the project a clear vision, and a weakness for canned and bottled foods that is contagious.

"His project consists of a gastronomic proposal in the form of a tapas bar that seeks to position canned food products as a healthy, simple and, above all, extremely appetising option.

"The only ingredients necessary are the finest products on the face of this earth, the maximum respect for how they are prepared, with the minimum interference possible by man in their presentation (everything is served straight out of the can or bottle without cooking).

"This is a project with a 360° dimension which takes into account everything from the 'naming' exercise to the development of its visual identity and the systematisation of the products’ labelling and final placement in the chosen space."

In response, Erretres developed this fun brand identity for "Nudista", which we think is just the right amount of naughty and nice. Discover more on Behance.

Via Behance


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