Inside The Night: Franck Bohbot peeks inside the after hours life of New Orleans

All images copyright and courtesy of Franck Bohbot

There's something enticing about wandering a city's streets at night. When we glance through the windows of warm and inviting bars and restaurants that beckon us into their space.

A fleeting glimpse of a happy couple enjoying dinner. A sole woman drinking an interesting cocktail at a bar. A waitress at a bustling night café taking orders from diners. This is what Brooklyn-based photographer Franck Bohbot has captured in his latest series, Inside The Night.

Exploring the many streets of America's New Orleans, this is a beautiful collection of images that follow Franck's usual fascination with cities at night. From his poignant Light on NYC series that studies New York City at night – now available as a book – to Tokyo Murmurings where he captures the Japanese capital's artificial light and buzzing atmosphere.

Renowned for his vivid, surreal colour images, Franck is a French photographer living in Brooklyn, NYC. His approach is almost cinematic and his meticulously crafted pictures have a dream-like quality that reflects the mystery of everyday places and life. His unique style has won him international acclaim and important commissions. Discover more at

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Franck Bohbot