Quirky branding for Hitchki draws on time travel for its nostalgic theme

Located at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, Hitchki is a cosy little bar/kitchen built on the theme of nostalgia. So when it came to the branding, the concept of time travel and the creation of memories laid the foundations for a unique visual identity.

And Mumbai-based designer and art director, Manu Ambady, was tasked with crafting this. He explains: "When it comes to food, the menu is a mix of Indian dishes with a contemporary, slightly quirky element to it.

"Our branding proposal included a sleek identity and a visual language inspired by the setting and time translated through soft colours along with some fun old-school photomontage compositions."

Manu Ambady is an independent designer specialising in branding and illustration. His works have been featured by a number of design publications and online blogs. He likes to explore experimental image making while also maintaining simplicity and clarity. To see more, visit behance.net/Ambady.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Manu Ambady


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