Hypnagogic charcoal illustrations by Levi van Veluw defy the laws of nature

This series of intricate, charcoal illustrations is by the Netherlands-based artist, Levi van Veluw. Transporting onlookers to a fantasy world, the works are reminiscent of the sci-fi creations of Fred Hoyle, Isaac Asimov and Aldous Huxley – all providing inspiration to van Veluw.

In his work, the artist often reverts to the underlying principles of these stories in which science, technology and the development of knowledge are called into question. He explains: "By creating an environment in which everything must be redefined, the visitor loses his hold and grip on reality. His senses and brain become over-stimulated, emotions and feelings are fired up. The visitor is hyper-aware of his surroundings and at the same time invited to become part of it."

Key elements to the pieces include grids, geometric shapes and desks. Together, they present a fragmented view of reality that is in some way familiar, and in another alien and sterile. Discover more at behance.net/levivanveluw.

Via Behance | All images copyright of Levi van Veluw


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