Natural materials inspire Kati Forner's crafted brand identity for Factor Surfaces

When Los Angeles-based designer Kati Forner was recently approached by Factor Surfaces to create its new brand identity she relished the challenge, taking direct inspiration from its range of tile products to form the new look and feel.

With a clean logotype, Kati includes a very simple square icon to suggest the shape of a tile; while the colour palette is inspired by natural materials such as stone, marble and granite. This approach is something of a common theme for Kati. Other recent projects include branding for jewellery and home accessories designer Attalie Dexter, where orange foil adorns recycled and speckled luxury card to mimic Attalies' pieces where brass elements are commonly used.

Studying design at Arizona State, Kati moved to Chicago in 2006 before relocating to LA three years ago to work as a freelance graphic designer. To discover more about Kati, visit


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