Playful packaging transforms different types of pasta into various hairstyles

When you consider buying dry pasta at your local supermarket, you don't give the packaging a second thought. Brown and dull, often just sitting there with very little to differentiate itself from other brands, most packets of spaghetti, fettuccine and macaroni won't exactly jump out and demand your attention. Which is why Moscow-based designer Nikita crafted this unusual concept package design to jazz things up a little.

Playing on the shapes of different pastas, Nikita transforms the Italian staple food into various hairstyles – from the long and sleek spaghetti to the wild and curly macaroni, each package design includes an illustration of a woman with a clear film offering a view of the pasta inside, making it look like their own tamed manes.

It's a clever idea that would work incredibly well for any major food brand. Whether we'll see the concept turned into a reality is a mystery. To find out more about Nikita, check out his Instagram feed or follow him on Behance.

Via Packaging of the World


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