Unchained: Life-size dog sculptures made entirely from recycled bicycle chains

In her ongoing series Unchained, Israeli designer and multidisciplinary artist Nirit Levav crafts stunning, life-size dog sculptures made entirely from recycled bicycle parts, mostly chains.

Taking old pedals, broken parts and chains, she aims to mimic the personalities of our canine friends. She said: "My intention was to capture the dogs’ gentleness and sensitivity, each one and its own unique expressions, despite the use of scrap metal. Hope you’ll enjoy it. I love to make people smile through my art."

Following her graduation from Parsons School of Design in 1988, Nirit spent two decades working as a fashion designer, focusing on bridal and evening gowns. Today, she follows her true passion – art, and loves to experiment with different materials, practicing skills associated with jewellery-making, metalworking, pottery and ceramics.

If you love Nirit's unique style, then you'll be glad to know that you can purchase one of her Unchained dog sculptures on Etsy. Or you can follow her latest work via Facebook or her website www.unchaineddogs.com.

Via BoredPanda


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