Maud's identity for a next-generation tea brand that hopes to fight youth suicide

Sydney and Melbourne-based design studio Maud is behind the identity for a new tea brand that hopes to fight youth suicide in Australia – one that is "optimistic about the future" and something Gen Z is "proud to share with their mates".

Maud, whose clients include Coca-Cola and David Jones, was approached by UnLtd, a not-for-profit that helps young people living at risk in Australia. As nine people die each day by suicide – the leading cause of death of young people – UnLtd wanted to create a "product with purpose", a tea that would literally save lives. Maud was tasked with its identity, packaging and accompanying materials.

Called Mood, the various teas are designed to make you feel good and have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Every pack shares reasons to be optimistic, with real stories of positive change and all profits go towards improving the mental wellbeing of others.

"Gen Z has a lot to be pessimistic about – climate change, unemployment and massive debt. Faced with such insurmountable problems, it's easy to see no cause for optimism," explains Maud. "But while most charities spend too much time dwelling on the negative, our strategic opportunity was to position Mood tea as a brand that's optimistic about the future, and every person's ability to make positive change. Tea with a bright side became our north star."

So what does a purposeful tea brand look like? "A tea brand that does good, makes you feel good and tastes good needed a bright, colourful and expressive visual identity," adds Maud.

The wordmark is solid, bold and dynamic to stand out against the wider identity while art direction and photography are both authentic and uplifting to reflect Mood's optimistic message. The commissioned illustrations by Sydney-based artist Elin Matilda also help capture each individual tea blend in a charming and mood-enhancing way. Maud also helped choose the tea blend names: Happy Days, Get On Up, Be Kind, Unwind and Sweet Lullaby – all to "save lives, one cup of tea at a time".

It's been four months since Mood launched and, thanks to Maud, over $100k revenue has been generated, with profits going towards mental health programmes for school children via charity partner Batyr and kids in regional Australia via charity partner BackTrack.


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