An 'eleven-minute website about post-truth politics' from Studio Sutherl&, Thomas Sharp, Keep It Visual and Modern Activity

Writer and creative director Thomas Sharp, design agency Studio Sutherl&, and digital creators Keep It Visual and Modern Activity have released an "eleven-minute website" about post-truth politics, Game Six.

It's not an easy one to get your head around the first time, so strap in: the website follows the 41 moves made by US chess player Bobby Fischer in game six of the 1972 Reykjavik World Chess Championship against Boris Spassky from the USSR. Each "move" is read by a different one of 41 "deepfake" spokespeople.

Each specific verse is also denoted by 41 different combinations of colours, chosen from 64 in total. "The text explores language, equivocation, grace and illusion," Sharp explains.

When using the site, visitors can choose the level of "cognitive interference" they're interacting with by adding colour, voices, news reports, patterns and more.

The site is a beguiling and often very eerie experience, one that's somehow incredibly compelling, all the more so as it rarely behaves as you think it will. At least to this non-chess player.

"We wanted to take the graphic language of chess and play with it," says Studio Sutherl& founder Jim Sutherland. "64 black and white squares, 16 characters, two opponents, one board. Creating 64 distorted logos and 64 colour sets inspired by flags, Trump, Krishna, Iceland, Bishops, Castles, Kings and Queens. The interactive website has increasing levels of graphic distortion, interference and madness."

Alongside its online manifestation, Game Six will also become a one-night-only physical installation and print publication on 9 September in Camden, north London.

Sharp and Studio Sutherl& previously collaborated on the one-night installation piece Twenty-five Sculptures In Five Dimensions, which explored language and consciousness and scooped both a Yellow and a Graphite pencil at the 2020 D&AD awards.


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