'Art saved my life': Sidney Teodoruk's Americana-inspired art makes its London solo debut

Currently on display at D'Stassi Art, Pop Nightmare is the debut solo show of Australian-based artist and musician Sidney Teodoruk. Bold, playful, and evocative, his work makes up the inaugural exhibition of the new Shoreditch gallery.

Running until 20 August 2021, Pop Nightmare is a celebration of the artist's (formerly known as Brad Teodoruk) complex and vibrant paintings, which often depict contrasting themes and images that work together to create a dichotomous whole.

"Using every visual device at his disposal, he weaves strange narratives drenched in dichotomous imagery and text, then obscures large areas in swathes of block-colour, inviting the viewer to fill in the blanks," says Marissa Bagley on Sidney's website.

Sometimes layering up finished paintings with fresh work, Sidney is a master at creating art that contains hidden meanings. Accompanied by a style that takes its cues from nostalgia, Americana and circus sideshow banners, Sidney's paintings are a unique and unmistakable glimpse into how he perceives the world.

"For Teodoruk, opposing forces are clearly a point of confusion, contention and humour," adds Marissa. "Heavy, dense concepts such as religion or the prison system are contrasted with subjects of either physical or metaphorical lightness - a beach ball, a bird, the sky..."

Dozens of Sidney's paintings, including brand new pieces of work, are spread across two floors at the new East End gallery, D'Stassi Art. Founded by friends and fellow art enthusiasts Michael Howes and Edward Sanders, D'Stassi Art is driven by the ethos of radical inclusivity that traces its roots back in the 1980s graffiti and street art movements.

"In the traditionally exclusive art world, D'Stassi Art looks to discover, encourage and help introduce clients to works of art based purely on how passionate we are about them," the gallery explains. As well as Sidney Teodoruk, the gallery's roster is made up of some of the most exciting artists in the field of neo-expressionism, neo-pop and street art, including Peter Opheim, Al Diaz, and Richard Hambleton.


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