Rich and colourful artworks that paint a fascinating picture of American suburbia

In her ongoing body of work, American artist Celia Reisman loves to create paintings from memory of various residential neighbourhoods in Philadelphia and other locations around the United States.

Like the opening scene to a movie, Celia invites us to gaze upon a world of perfect wooden houses, little driveways and blossoming front gardens with immaculate lawns – showing the pride that people take in their own homes.

Working with an abstracted construction of architecture and nature, she combines these elements within a rich, complex world of invented colour and shapes. Her process is to make drawings in her car from direct observation. Relying on the information in the drawings and from memory, large scale paintings are developed in her studio that invent colour, light and space but still honour the initial site that inspired the painting.

Celia is represented by the Paul Thiebaud Gallery. Her work was selected for the American Academy of Arts and Letters Invitational Exhibition where she received a Hassam, Speicher, Betts, and Symons Purchase Award. She long served as Assistant Professor of Art at Swarthmore College, and is currently a Visiting Critic at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia.

Via This Isn't Happiness | All images courtesy of Celia Reisman


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