Off-Season: Abandoned holiday destinations are tinged with a sense of melancholy

If you've often wondered what holiday resorts might look like during the quieter winter months, then a new series by photographer Fabien Fourcaud will satisfy your curiosity.

All images courtesy of Fabien Fourcaud

All images courtesy of Fabien Fourcaud

He has not only pondered the thought but has gone one step further by creating his Off-Season series, which documents abandoned towns built for the purpose of tourism.

He explains: "If the concept of 'territory' means a mode of relationship between a group of men and a space, what happens when a country ceases to be busy, used, practised? Once a year, the resorts built exclusively for the attention of vacationers find themselves abandoned by their users."

The empty photographs all appear to have something missing. From the drained swimming pools to the deserted shops, it seems a holiday destination without visitors is a place without a purpose. To see more by Fourcaud, visit


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