Form& partners with eBay to design brand system

Form& in New York recently helped eBay to "redefine the voice of tomorrow's marketplace". As part of the brand system and experience, the agency joined forces with Swiss Typefaces to design a new typeface to herald the relaunch.

Modern, inviting and optimistic – the Market Sans family includes six weights across two styles, letting eBay whisper or shout in the right situation.

With the geometry of an American Gothic, and combining the timeless familiarity of a European Grotesque, Market Sans is both unexpected and classic; active yet elegant – adapting to the many uses of eBay. Principal at Form& Manuel Dilone said: "Market Sans captures the surprise of stumbling upon your perfect purchase, while conveying the optimism you feel while navigating eBay experiences."

Form& is a collaborative brand design studio and innovation lab based in New York City. They've recently redesigned their own website, and have a team of talented designers and thinkers who regularly take part in their own side projects (check out Always Making by Jim Schachterle). Find out more at


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