Fascinating photographs go behind the scenes of east London's trendy craft beer production

For something that’s essentially inherently geeky, and until very recently the preserve of hirsute, slightly sweaty middle-aged men, craft beer is almost unfathomably cool. Perhaps that’s because it can be almost unfathomably tasty.

All images courtesy of James Cannon

All images courtesy of James Cannon

But behind the edgy illustrated cans and men in too-small beanie hats that make it all look so Instagrammable are vast breweries powered by hops, sweat, and people in wellington boots. It’s another world that’s more suited to Year 9 science videos than hip east London pop-ups, as this wonderful series by photographer James Cannon proves.

Cannon, newly represented by agency Hancock and Handsome, has shot for publications including Cyclist Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, FT Weekend Magazine, and The Ride Journal, and his client list boasts the likes of Channel 4, Oxfam, and Guinness World Records. For this beery series, he ventured behind the scenes of London breweries Beavertown, Crate, Redemption and East London Brewery.

"It came about through my interest in looking at how items are crafted (starting with the Bamboo bike project and a new Kennedy bike series)," says Cannon. "The series looks at the people behind the processes and love of the popular craft brewing scene in London to tell a story on the day to day life in this industry. It was shot on digital and deliberately cropped to a more square, medium format look and feel."


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