Bright Interval: Photographer beautifully captures the light & warmth of winter sun

It's that time of year when sunshine is limited and appreciated more than ever. The autumnal, colder days and darker evenings mean that we're lucky to capture any warmth that the sun might throw at us. In his series A Bright Interval, photographer François Ollivier aims to capture these fleeting sparks of winter sun – when it peeks out from behind a cloud and gives us a precious moment of light and warmth.

He explains: "This is about our ability to wander and contemplate things. Or what's left of it. Light in autumn is fascinating and fragile. Everything is brightened by precarious reflections, fading out in minutes, seconds."

From capturing strangers on the street enjoying a small dose of sunlight on their faces to seeing how the gentle, winter light seems to softly glow on the side of buildings – this is a series that will resonate with anyone who appreciates the rare glimpses of sunshine on a cold winter's day.

Discover more about François, over on Tumblr or you can follow the Montreal-based freelance photographer on Behance.

Via Behance