Spontaneous self-portraiture by Isabella Bubola questions the true meaning of identity

Isabella Bubola is a fine art and portrait photographer based in Croatia. Aside from photography, she also works in the field of graphic design, jewellery design and runs Mirrored Mag – a blog focused on low-budget photography and creativity.

Of this particular series, she explains: "Self-portraiture started spontaneously: when my 11-year-old self got her hands on that very first digital camera, she inevitably pointed it in the mirror and pressed the shutter button.

"Later on, self-portraits have become a way to explore my own identity, but over the last few years, my focus shifted: it is not about me anymore. Just like an actress, my face is not 'mine' in these photographs, but it is rather a roleplay.

"Lately, a lot of self-portraits are created with mirrors and the use of reflections. The prevailing questions that make me capture such images are: What is it that we see when we catch a glimpse of ourselves? Am I what I see?

"The society we live in is fickle: we put so much pressure on looking 'flawless' and at the same time seek freedom from our own chains. We are told we should love ourselves, yet we are put down as narcissists when we do so."

Bubola's works have been exhibited in a number of group exhibitions. In her photography she tries to capture both the atmosphere and emotions, because she believes that emotions can create a bond between the viewer and the artwork. Discover more at isabellabubola.com.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Isabella Bubola


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