Buck's H20 campaign hopes to promote positive water-use habits in Australia

Global creative company Buck has designed an engaging animated campaign via Host/Havas for Sydney Water that highlights H2O as a precious resource and promotes responsible water-use habits.

Featuring six TV commercials, short animations for social media and a series of billboard posters for Sydney's streets, it's a campaign particularly relevant as Australia struggles with ongoing droughts and destructive bushfire seasons.

The videos are an ode to the love of water and all the amazing things it can do. "The objective is to get people to be mindful of their water usage," explained Gareth O’Brien, executive creative director at Buck. "And to demonstrate different ways for them to make small changes to conserve it during their daily lives in a fun and humorous manner."

In each of the blue-hued videos, a woman's voice recites redemptive qualities of water in poem form, as her words are brought to life on screen in a rather fluid digital animation style that mimics claymation. After reminding us that water is a precious resource, the spot shows a character conserving the stuff. In this one, it's a tip to time showers to four minutes or the length of a favorite song.

The 30-second ad tags with 'Love Water. Don't Waste It' and directs viewers to visit lovewater.sydney for more water-saving tips. Buck used Maya and Cinema 4D to create the animation's metamorphosing objects, which inherited the behaviour of water with splashes, drips and ripples.


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