Famous doodler Jon Burgerman cheers up Boston with a fun installation of his quirky characters

Like most corners of the world, Boston is facing continued measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, which is why much-loved doodler Jon Burgerman has been enlisted to add some cheer to the American city.

All photography courtesy of Boston Seaport

All photography courtesy of Boston Seaport

Called 'Looking Out For Each Other', the public art installation features a humorous mix of 2D and 3D characters such as doughnuts, pizza slices, hearts, and a friendly fried egg – all with those famous googly eyes that we know and love. Perching on park benches and standing next to trees, the sculptures hope to encourage social distancing while bringing the local community together through art.

Dotted around Boston Seaport, a new neighbourhood on Boston's waterfront, it's also hoped that the outdoor exhibition will put a smile on people's faces and encourage everyone to support each other. As Jon puts it, "During this time of uncertainty, art and humour play an important role in keeping our spirits high and bright."

It's not the first time Seaport has worked with artists such as Jon Burgerman. Existing commissioned works include Damascus Gate (Stretch Variation I), 1970, Frank Stella's mural reproduction of his seminal painting, and Air Sea Land, a series of seven exclusive sculptures by renowned Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel – both of which have become signature focal points along Seaport Boulevard. Find out more at bostonseaport.xyz.


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