New short film takes a humorous look at the 'comfy jumper' phase of a relationship

London-based creative Rebecca Wardell has just released a short film about long-term relationships and that "comfy jumper" phase we all find ourselves in, particularly when Covid-19 has forced us to spend more time together.

Called 'What Do You Want For Dinner?', the comedy features two characters, played by El Henderson and Sam Woolf, who have been together a while. But all they seem to do is ask each other that inevitable question. Their apartment is like a slow-cooker until one evening it all boils over.

This is Rebecca's directional debut and is a film she co-wrote with Joe Gardiner. The film was shot in Hackney by Gabriel Stanger and made on a shoe-string budget. "This was always intended to be relatable, but a light-hearted look at the day to day of what it means to be in a long term relationship," Rebecca tells us.

The initial inspiration came from a tweet Rebecca spotted earlier this year that read, "A long term relationship is just two people asking each other what they want to eat until one of them dies".

"I started writing it as a dark comedy, but it just felt too sad," Rebecca adds. "So, working with my friend Joe, we started re-writing it as a more hopeful comedy that had a bit of sweetness to it. We quickly realised that our first version of the script was maybe a little too ambitious for us to pull off on our own (we had a very surreal scene that involved blow-up dolls, and our budget was whatever we could cobble together). So we took out a bunch of stuff, and once we were happy we had something that was good as well as doable the real work began."

The film was shot in Rebecca's flat over a "very fraught weekend" and took a lot of planning and "positivity". It's certainly a nice reminder not to take life too seriously during these challenging times. "I think we could all do with laughing at ourselves more, too," says Rebecca.


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