Louise Rosenkrands portrays everyday women as they should be: lumpy in parts, but smart, hardworking and as capable as the boys

We stumbled across the work of the brilliant Miss Lotion, aka Louise Rosenkrands, thanks to her inclusion in this year's Pictoplasma character design conference lineup, and boy are we glad we did.

The Danish illustrator works with clients including Converse, Google, Bloomberg Businessweek and the New York Times, creating work that's as dynamic as it is cute. She manages to tread that delicate line between making a subject accessible in a serious way, and making it comprehensible in a fun way, using bold colours and simple line work to tell stories in images.

There's a wonderfully subtle yet forthright feminist undertone to her work, too: the women she draws aren't idealised figures either slimmed down or curved up in all the right places – they're lumpy and normal and hardworking and smart. They're like the everywomen we need to be celebrated more, and those looking to do so could do far worse than to use Rosenkrands' work as an example.


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