Nine recommended podcasts for freelancers looking to grow their business

Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand, freelancing offers the freedom to build up your income over time to what you need it to be.

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Whether that’s by taking on extra work, finding a source of extra cash through passive income, or going all out into entrepreneurship, the paths open to you are many and varied.

That dizzying array of options can sometimes be overwhelming, though. So we’ve selected some podcasts to help guide your way, impart some expert advice, and provide you with a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration.

1. The Freelance Podcast

The title makes this sound like a general podcast for freelancers, but that’s not the case. It's actually for people in steady jobs who are doing a bit of freelancing on the side and are nervous about transitioning to full-time freelance. Host RJ McCollam sets out to help, by “giving real-world advice and information that can be acted on immediately”.

2. Smart Passive Income

Once you’ve established yourself as a full-time freelancer, the next step is to think about generating passive income. After all, why restrict yourself to only earning for the hours you work, when you could be making money as you sleep? Pat Flynn’s award-winning podcast offers advice on how to do so, as well as interviewing freelancers who’ve successfully launched passive income projects.

3. Freelance Lift

Need some inspiration or added motivation? Freelance Lift is a series of short, to the point podcasts featuring advice and guidance from former freelancers who’ve made the transition to the top level of earning. Past interviewees have included Amy Hoy, Brant Cooper and Paul Jarvis.

4. The Introvert Entrepreneur

In the popular imagination, people who go it alone in life are outspoken, confident extroverts. But it’s also possible for introverts to carve out successful freelance careers, and many do. Launched in 2010 and hosted by author, speaker and professional coach Beth Buelow, this podcast talks about business and life from an introvert perspective, through interviews and discussions.

5. The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative is a podcast, website and book from Todd Henry focusing on techniques for creative thinking, leadership skills, and positioning yourself. Be 'prolific, brilliant and healthy' is his mantra, and while this is not a podcast about freelancing per se, pretty much all the advice on offer will resonate with the average creative freelancer.

6. Solopreneur Hour

Hosted by Michael O’Neal, The Solopreneur Hour features the best and brightest solo entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including network marketing, music, fitness, actors and comedians. There’s no specific design focus, then, but that does mean you get a wide range of different perspectives on freelancing and entrepreneurship than you might get from a designer-only podcast.

7. Mom Biz Solutions

Balancing work and family is one of the most challenging aspects of freelance life, yet it’s one of the least talked about. Lara Galloway, known as The Mom Biz Coach, has been coaching female business owners for ten years and her podcast tackles this thorny subject head-on. Plus she knows mums are busy, so it’s only 15 minutes long!

8. Invisible Office Hours

Invisible Office Hours is a weekly podcast that playfully explores the intersection of creativity and commerce, hosted by Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis. As the name implies, it’s targeted at people who’ve struck out on their own and are no longer confined to a nine-to-five physical office, or bound by conventional thinking. Topics include coping criticism, the notion of ‘selling out’, and maintaining positivity.

9. 99U

Produced by Behance, the worldwide network of creatives, the 99U podcast sits down with leading makers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs for a deep dive into what makes their creative process tick. A good episode to start with is ‘Graphic Design Advice with Craig Ward’, which leads with Ward’s admission: “The idea of going freelance terrified me. I had no confidence; I could turn this into a career."


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