Shadow Spaces: Miniature architecture crafted from paper looks like real buildings

In his personal project, Shadow Spaces, London artist Owen Gildersleeve collaborated with still life photographer Stephen Lenthall to craft a series of miniature architectural paper spaces, using "light as a map to shape each form". The aim was to study the relationship between space, form, light and its natural counterpart, shadow.

Built with simple white paper, each form is defined by the way it reflects light. "This resulted in bold, geometric forms, void of all unnecessary ornamentation" explains Owen. "The forms were then further brought to life with a layer of intense light – creating crisp, dramatic shadows. The final effect is a powerful display of capturing light and casting shadow."

Owen specialises in handcrafted illustration, set design and art direction, and his illustration work often plays with light and shadow, frequently combining multiple layered paper-cuttings with graphical forms and hand-rendered typography. Discover more of his work at

All images by Stephen Lenthall, courtesy of Owen Gildersleeve


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