Little Clam Brooches: Hiné Mizushima's cute felt art jewellery inspired by the sea

Who doesn't love a little felt art to brighten their day? Even better if you can proudly don something as cheerful and cute as Hiné Mizushima's little clam brooches. The Japanese artist – featured previously – is renowned for her adorable cartoon-like figures, crafted from wool materials.

With quite a serious focus on sea life, Mizushima’s work tends to be inspired by an array of creatures of the deep – squid, octopi, sea slugs, shellfish; you name it, she loves to recreate it. Each piece is handmade and embellished with tiny pins, buttons and the occasional prop — creating miniature characters with simple details but big personalities.

Born and raised in Japan, Mizushima lived all over the world before settling in Vancouver with her family. A slow crafter, needle felter, stop-motion puppet animator and artist, her work has been used for commercials, music videos, gallery exhibitions and magazine publications.

If you love these particular slug brooches, then you must check out her Etsy shop.