Freda Cheung's colossal leather sea creatures handcrafted to hang on your wall

Anglerfish, crabs, squid, octopus... even sharks – these are just some of the sea creatures Melbourne-based Freda Cheung loves to recreate using real leather, so you're able to hang them on your wall.

Hand-stitched and available in a variety of colours, she has various creatures available on her Etsy shop, entitled Freda Made, or you can request anything you like and she'll be happy to oblige.

If you don't fancy something for your wall, how about a handmade squid brooch? Again, crafted from leather, the pieces of jewellery are available in a variety of colours and are shipped worldwide.

A designer and crafter from Hong Kong, Freda graduated from Multimedia Design at RMIT University. Based in Melbourne, she has a passion for graphic design, digital art, illustration and craft. You can discover more of her work at


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