Kingdom & Sparrow brings creativity and craftsmanship back to Falmouth’s original School of Art

To celebrate its move to Falmouth's original School of Art, Kingdom & Sparrow designed a party based on the theme of the building's history.

The branded invitations and bespoke beers had a hand-painted touch, pointing to the School of Art's background for offering classes in freehand drawings, printing and still-life painting.

Launched in 1902, the School played a key part in the foundation of Falmouth University and the town's rich creative culture. Today, Kingdom & Sparrow is giving it a new lease of life, "merging traditional art techniques with modern design to craft food and drink brands worldwide".

Founded in 2012, Kingdom & Sparrow has grown to become one of the largest branding agencies in Cornwall – and 2019 has been its biggest year to date. As well as moving into the new studio, it has taken on four new full-time staff members and has completed one of its most high profile projects, a rebrand for Young’s beer.

"When the opportunity came up for us to move into the old School of Art building, we jumped at the chance. We'd outgrown our old studio and were launching a new department in creative content so space for a photography studio was paramount," says Creative Director Johnny Paton.

They celebrated the move and a successful seventh year with a party for their team, clients and friends. The School of Art theme extended to branded invitations and beers, each with a hand-painted touch to make them fully original.


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