Barcelona studio TPN looks to dawn for the inspiration behind its identity for La Nit dels Museus

Barcelona studio TwoPoints.Net created the identity for this year's La Nit dels Museus – which translates as the 'Long Night of the Museums' – one of the biggest events in the city.

More than 80 spaces join forces for one night only to offer free guided tours, workshops, concerts, shows and family activities. TPN was appointed to come up with a visual language for this year's event, one that would roll out to large and small banners, city light and storefront posters, public transport, flyers and brochures.

"Almost all previous identities for the Long Night of the Museums used a dark background to visualise the concept of 'night'," says Martin Lorenz from TPN. "It's a pretty obvious solution but we turned the concept around and developed a very light and vibrant identity. A moon, filled with an abstract interpretation of Barcelona's dawn, rises and inaugurates a bright night."

Interestingly, rather than starting with a static image, TPN began with animation. "It's a very contemporary approach, considering that most communication happens online these days," adds Lorenz. "Nevertheless, we were true to our love of print and used three fluorescent Pantone colours in a very tricky printing process to maintain the luminosity of each colour."


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