Berlin illustrator Joe Taylor creates seamless loops of surreal characters that bring joy and humour

Berlin-based illustrator Joe Taylor enjoys a little humour and surrealism in his work, bringing many of his characters to life in satisfying seamless loops.

Part of Random Collective, Joe started out as a graphic designer but these days focuses on developing his unique illustrative and animation style. Here, we share some of that recent work, much of which experiments with movement.

The animation style is organic and textural and the subject matter is bizarre and comical. "I have chosen gifs as I like the idea of creating seamless loops that the viewer can get lost in for as long as they choose," Joe tells Creative Boom. "My characters are a mix of dark surrealism and a playful style."

What is it about the endless loops that he enjoys so much? "I love the hypnotic aspect of the looping animation. And the fact that it gives the viewer an infinite amount of time in which to study and appreciate the work. I also enjoy that the format allows many animations to play side by side on a website, creating a sometimes visually overwhelming experience."

Why the change in creative direction? "The thing that drew me into illustration was the desire to explore image-making in a more playful, unrestricted manner. As a graphic designer, I never had the chance to build a visual language that felt personal to me. Through illustration, I have been able to build my own visual world."


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