B&B studio creates friendly colourful identity for 'gut-loving food brand' Bio&Me

B&B studio has created the branding for Bio&Me, a new range of foods that aim to celebrate the diversity of a plant-based diet and promote better gut health.

The brand was co-founded by leading gut health expert Dr Megan Rossi, founder of advice platform The Gut Health Doctor. She decided to create the Bio&Me range to make the world of gut health more credible and convenience to consumers, and to bring greater clarity to the potentially complex science behind it; while avoiding the misleading claims and added unnecessary ingredients of other similarly-focused products.

B&B studio was brought in to create the brand from scratch, working closely with Dr Rossi and CEO Jon Walsh, to deliver the strategic positioning, brand naming and identity. The strategic work aims to confidently positions Bio&Me "around the diversity and abundance that positive gut health thrives on," as the studio puts it, and create a sense of trust for consumers.

These are used across multiple touchpoints including packaging design and digital communications, and the look and feel aims to give a sense of positivity and energy while retaining a "grown-up" appeal to those interested in the food scene.

"Our brand identity for Bio&Me creates an optimistic language for talking about gut health, expanding consumers' knowledge without taking away from the joy of eating," Shaun Bowen, creative partner at B&B studio, says. "Every element of the design embodies this, providing health-conscious consumers with information about gut health while communicating great taste."

Rossi adds, "We wanted to strike a balance between offering expert guidance in a way that doesn't feel restrictive or clinical, while also celebrating taste."

The branding is centred on a wordmark using a bespoke ampersand that looks to bring "a personal connection between the individual consumer and the brand, reflecting the understanding that everyone's biome is unique to them," says B&B studio. The copy and aesthetic of wider communications look to empower the consumer through real, easily comprehensible facts about gut health.

The branding, packaging design and website use a bold, energetic but earthy colour palette, and showcase textured food illustrations to represent the rich variety of multiple plant-based ingredients in the products. Social media assets look to underscore the brand's sense of optimism, using the also embody the 'more the merrier' optimism of the brand.

The initial launch comprises four granola flavours – Raspberry & Beetroot, Cocoa & Coconut, Apple & Cinnamon and Super Seedy & Nutty – created by Dr Rossi, that each contain 15 of the 30 different plant-based foods she recommends for optimum gut health each week. These are currently available in Waitrose, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Booths and As Nature Intended.


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