Interesting Development's identity for a 'smart' dog collar celebrates our best friend

New York studio Interesting Development is behind this bright yellow themed identity for Fi, a smart collar that tracks a dog's location and activity.

"Dog owners have changed. They no longer see their pets as pets, but as equals," says Head of Design, Phillip Nessen. "They support their interests, make big decisions with them in mind, and work to make sure their lives are just as complete as any other member of the family. So to launch Fi, we focused less on a dog’s security and more on its liberty."

Nessen adds: "Fi speaks to the dog like a wild animal, bringing a dog’s ecstatic energy to life consistently across everything – from advertising to website to the product itself. Fi is always in motion, evoking a dog at their happiest. Because when a dog is happy, their owner is happy."

Interesting Development was approached by Fi at startup stage when it was trying to secure more funding and bring its unique product to the market. The studio carried out research and strategy, created an identity and rolled out the brand to packaging, digital and social. Their work helped the Fi collar to sell out after only three months, and secure an additional round of funding.


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