Fontsmith launches nine variable fonts with an interactive microsite

Foundry Fontsmith has launched a new collection of nine variable fonts: FS Industrie, FS Koopman, FS Ostro Display, FS Kim, FS Meridian, FS Untitled, FS Pimlico, FS Pele and FS Kitty.

All images courtesy of Fontsmith, via submission

All images courtesy of Fontsmith, via submission

To celebrate, there's also a new microsite where you can explore the different typefaces and download trial font files for experimentation.

Type Design Director Phil Garnham tells Creative Boom: "Never before have the systems of visual language been so adaptive and responsive. Fonts now have the capability to adapt to light, distance, sound, motion… we can hone in on a precise functionality, or create unexpected opportunities for expression or both. And the best part – a variable font's capabilities are packed into one small-sized font file."

What's also interesting is that rather than having a separate file for each style, a variable font can include an entire family of styles in one TrueType or WOFF2 file, and you can have the flexibility to choose any intermediate iteration within the font. Any axis can be defined by you such as 'width' or 'italic' or something more creative like 'shadow' or 'glow'.

What do you think? Have a look for yourself at


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