Illustrator Lucia Calfapietra depicts real life versus summer holidays in quirky series

When advertising agency TBWA Italia needed to help its client Grandi Navi Veloci, an Italian cruise company, to promote its summer discounts, it called upon the talents of Lucia Calfapietra to craft a series of illustrations for its marketing materials.

Quite cleverly, the bright and colourful artworks have two sides of a story to tell: on one side, Lucia provides a drawing of an object from everyday life; on the other lies the holiday version of the same object. So a slipper becomes a flip-flop, a toothbrush holder transforms into a cocktail glass and a sleep mask turns into a snorkel.

"For this project, I had to captivate people through very simple yet effective images, the concept was 'you wake up already on vacation'. Everyday objects are side by side with their holiday version. I had only three days to complete this work before going on holiday myself, so it was challenging but very funny and I was already inspired!"

Discover more of her work on her online portfolio.


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