Absurd shapes and forms reveal intense emotions in Ilya Shkipin's beautiful paintings

Russian-American artist Ilya Shkipin's work has gone through something of a transformation since he graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco in 2012. It's developed from illustrative forms to grotesque and surreal, expressionism and abstraction, incorporating influences of contemporary illustration and fine art throughout.

He explores shapes, surreal imagery and blind line work, and his technique varies from digital illustration to traditional mediums, such as watercolour, ink, graphite, oils and mixed media.

In his latest paintings, you'll see anguished characters with intense emotions who are almost frozen in time, stretched and pulled, like ragdoll figures. They present almost uncomfortable interpretations of real life, but ones that are distorted and twisted. You can see more of Ilya's wonderful abstract works at www.ilyashkipin.com.


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