Illustrator Lucia Calfapietra requests that we Don't Play With Food in charming series

A love of strong colours and simple shapes is something that resonates throughout all of Lucia Calfapietra's work. The Italian illustrator, who lives in Paris, is gaining recognition for her unique style, which is finding itself on book covers and within editorial spreads and children's books.

In this charming series, Don't Play With Food, Calfapietra draws different types of food and then imagines how they would look if they were giant and humans interacted with them. From a vast ice cream cone that acts as a ski slope to broccoli that behaves like a tree with a swing, there is no limit to Calfapietra's imagination. Discover more of her work on Behance, or follow her latest updates on Instagram @luciacalfapietra.

Via Creative Boom submission


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