Hyperrealistic street portraits of beautiful women in unexpected places by Hulu

We've featured the work of Hulu previously, and are always blown away by his hyperrealistic street murals of beautiful bathing women at various ocean and river locations.

Otherwise known as Sean Yoro, he's an Hawaiian artist based in New York City and has a particular love of finding unusual spots where you wouldn't normally expect to discover art. In many cases, his acrylic artworks will rise out of water on the surface of hard-to-reach rusting sunken ships or forgotten concrete posts of bridges. How does he get there? Amazingly, he often uses his trusty surfboard, which he then balances on while he paints.

In his latest series of street art, Hulu continues to paint beautiful women submerged in water, but he has also started to venture further afield onto dry land, finding interesting spaces to apply his portraits. Here are just a few snippets. To discover more visit byhula.com.


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