At the Tracks: Photographer documents life on public transport in Switzerland

When we think of Switzerland, what immediately springs to mind are beautiful green mountains and snow-capped peaks, Swiss chocolate, CERN and world-class watches.

All images by and courtesy of Markus Fischer

All images by and courtesy of Markus Fischer

But one thing you might not consider is its dense network of public transport, totalling 24,500 kilometres and comprising of more than 26,000 stations and stops.

In his series At the Tracks, Swiss photographer and designer Markus Fischer wanted to highlight this little-known fact by photographing people using trains, buses and trams as part of their everyday lives.

Raw and monochrome, his images show a part of his home country that we don't normally imagine: far away from the ideal picture-postcard scenery that we've come to expect – instead, highlighting Switzerland's huge reliance on public transport.

Through this insightful series, we can enjoy a different perspective of the Swiss, who are up there with the Japanese when it comes to how much they use public transport to get around. He explained: "I wanted to show this side to my home country and offer a glimpse into what life is like here."

Make sure you visit Fischer's Flickr Page to enjoy more of At the Tracks. Or follow him on Instagram.


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