Photographer documents the back roads of America from Washington to Memphis

The architecture in Robert Götzfried's photography series Back Roads is unmistakably American. Wooden structures with tin roofs often painted in shades of pastel or white, hark back to a bygone era.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

The Munich-based artist shot the collection of images during a road trip from Washington DC to Memphis, Tennessee. Rather than take the interstate route he instead opted for the roads less travelled, uncovering some "amazing places" along the way.

"When I drove through the southern states of the USA I decided to avoid the interstates and travel on the back roads instead. I found amazing places in a world that only existed in the past, I thought. Obviously, I was wrong."

Götzfried is familiar with iconic architecture, having previously documented Australian homes and shops. He has also turned his attention to bus stops, cinemas, bowling alleys and train stations. He excels at transforming something that might be considered ugly into a thing of beauty.

Alongside photography, Götzfried is also a designer and lecturer. He is currently an associate professor in photography at Schule für Gestaltung in Ravensburg. To see more of his work, visit the website and Facebook page.


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