Ask the Dust: A creepy photographic feast of urban ruin, abandonment and decay

In his fascinating series Ask the Dust, photographer Romain Veillon takes us on an epic journey through ruins from the genteel parlours of long dead haute bourgeoisie families to the sparse industrial beauty of mid-century factories as they quietly rust away. Like a vivid daydream, you find yourself absorbed in wordless reveries from image to image.

Now available as a photo book, Ask the Dust is a feast of urban ruin photography, executed in gorgeous full colour, full page spreads framed by the overview of the young French adventurer behind the camera. Featuring a potent blend of haunting images of never before seen locations and new angles on classic subjects, it's a visual treat for anyone who cannot keep their eyes away from the elegant corruption of decomposing buildings.

Romain goes out to discover the things that progress has left behind and bring them back to the rest of us in his hauntingly beautiful images. The edge of the world is now found in the crumbling edifices left behind by the endless expansion of the built environment. Into these weird castles he brings his big light, to reanimate, for the space of a hot-triggered-slave-flash-fire, a fragment of a sunken reality.

This collection of images is as disturbing and hypnotic as any requiem should be – and it offers an exquisite moment of escape from a culture increasingly experienced as a lifetime of frenetic activity divorced from any chance for reflection. Discover more of Romain's beautiful work at

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Romain Veillon


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