Hellie Cartledge's paper-cut illustrations inspired by the 'little gems of life'

Hailing from Manchester, Hellie Cartledge, aka The Small Illustrator (she's five foot one), is a 2020 Illustration graduate from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL).

Before lockdown, she had barely touched a pair of scissors, but now she can't seem to put them down. And she's used them to create the snipping-and-sticking scenes of serenity you see here.

As a storyteller, Hellie finds value in "the little gems of life": the everyday aesthetic and the mundane. Her creative process is all about falling in love with compositions and colours. Whether her inspiration comes from William Morris prints, droopy flowers or even the evening light, the moment it hits, her sketchbook is ready and waiting.

Now based in London, she says: "I am fascinated with objects of antiquity and creating narratives which give them a place and value in contemporary domestic spaces. I am prolific in my working method, I struggle to put the pencil down, believing that there are always more tales around me to be told."


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