Gritty, urban street photography unveils the darker side of English towns

Paul Carmody leads a double life – an IT consultant by day, and a photographer by night. He specialises in street and urban photography, aiming to offer a new angle on 'regular' street photography styles.

By using light and shadow play, he only captures the aspect or aspects of a person that he finds interesting. That might be just their feet, or their hands, or their knees.

Based in County Durham, Carmody has plenty of nearby urban environments to help inspire his work. He explains: "I photograph the streets in and around the North East of England in an attempt to portray the grime, art, ordinariness and beauty of urban life."

This particular series of photographs reminds us of documentary stills, with an angle that almost appears fisheye in some of the images. A fresh approach to street photography, we're big fans.

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Paul Carmody


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