Theatrical cut and paste collages pop with explosions of vibrant colour

This colourful series of collages by Alice Lindstrom is the result of her own developed, unique illustrative style. With a background in Theatre Design and Art History, high drama shines through every element of every piece.

Using traditional cut and paste collage techniques, Alice slowly assembles a detailed, colourful image, building up the artwork by layering paper and gluing it in place. The final work resembles a painting, but in actual fact is composed of many, many pieces of painted paper.

Of her inspiration, the artist explains: "My biggest inspirations are 20th century painters; Ernst Kirchner, Gabriele Münter and Oskar Kokoschka to name just a few. They used colour freely and achieved a moving expressiveness that I aim for.

"I am equally influenced by children's book illustrators from my childhood like Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak and Judith Wright."

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Alice Lindstrom


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