Club Dystopia: Yeşim Akdeniz imagines a fictitious dark, dystopian world

Club Dystopia is a fictitious place imagined by the artist, Yeşim Akdeniz. It's populated by re-creations of now demolished buildings – typical of the early Republic of Turkey, buildings whose architecture reflected the idealism of the newly founded nation state.

In these paintings, we can see a desire to affect human life and pass on ideology through architecture. The pale colour palette and disparate objects convey a sense of unease in the onlooker.

Akdeniz was inspired by the Object Oriented Ontology, as well as the Anthropocene, which refers to an era the world is believed to have entered characterised by global geological and ecological changes created of human activities. Based on these ideas, Akdeniz points out how nature is reshaped and transformed by the human hand.

The artist has previously exhibited at MAK Museum (Vienna, 2013), Guggenheim Gallery (Los Angeles, 2013) and Stedeljik Museum (Amsterdam, 2004).

Club Dystopia will be exhibited at Pi Artworks Istanbul between 13 May and 25 June 2016. Find out more information at

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Pi Artworks


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