Manchester graffiti jam to pay tribute to Goldie and Metalheadz

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Foundation & Sweet Nothing MCR.

On 27 September, Manchester will host a graffiti jam in celebration of musician, actor and graffiti artist Goldie’s long-standing career and 25 years of his iconic music label Metalheadz.

At Central Skatepark from 5pm-11pm, there will be a live graffiti workshop, auction and social event with renowned graffiti artists, with the likes of Akse, Quebek, Krek, Mers, Dingus, Dirty Faces and Seaz offering their own take on Goldie and Metalheadz, alongside hip-hop heavyweight DJ Noel Edge.

It's all been organised by Marcus Intalex Music Foundation (MIMF), a platform to support and nurture talent in many aspects of music development and the culture that surrounds it, in collaboration with Sweet Nothing, a "faceless movement" based in Manchester that raises money for the homeless through social events

The event is also partnering with Design Manchester, the city's annual festival of design, and legendary graphic designer and paste-up artist Swifty will be doing some live, ad-hoc pieces to launch the festival’s new creative identity.

You can turn up on the day and 'pay as you feel' on the door, and all proceeds will be split between MIMF and Mustard Tree, a charity for the homeless.