Haunting photorealistic paintings of abandoned buildings by Matteo Massagrande

We're used to seeing photographs of abandoned places, but it's quite unusual to discover artworks of the same genre of decay. This is where Italian artist Matteo Massagrande might surprise you. He loves to create photorealistic oil paintings of intimate interiors in varying states of deterioration.

These imagined derelict buildings – once so full of life – are hauntingly depicted through the use of light, a subtle colour palette and a cinematic perspective. As Shine Artists explains: "The viewer is at once drawn inside; through a sequence of rooms, partial views of corridors or terraces. We are invited to wonder what is beyond the open doors, through each window frame and around each corner."

Blending 19th century Italian Realism with contemporary photorealism and Renaissance art techniques, Matteo's cinematic perspectives and eerie light effects suggest the presence of previous inhabitants and their former lives. Find out more at www.artsy.net.

Discovered via Arsty


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