Freeze-motion photographs that transform floating fabric into sculptures

All images courtesy of Neal Grundy. Via Creative Boom submission

At first glance, you may believe you're seeing a solid sculpture in the landscape photographs of Neal Grundy's latest series, Transient Sculptures. In reality, (and the clue's in the title), the London photographer's images capture a fabric form in ‘mid-flight’.

"The sculpture exists for a split-second in time; once photographed, it is otherwise lost forever, never to be re-created. I first produced this series in a studio environment. The permanence of this environment contrasted starkly against the transience of the moving forms. To create a greater sense of harmony, the images were shot within the natural environment."

Neal is a freelance photographer with 15 years experience in the industry. He specialises in high-quality freeze-motion photography and has worked with a wide range of international clients for fashion, food and drink and cosmetics advertising campaigns and editorial projects. Find out more at