An Education: Ben Katzler captures captivating portraits in Masindi, Uganda

'CLASS' by London-based photographer Ben Katzler is a series of candid images taken during one day at the Bigando School in Masindi, northwestern Uganda, where he spent time working with the NGO, Redearth Education to document their work in primary schools.

All images courtesy of Ben Katzler and the A&D Gallery

All images courtesy of Ben Katzler and the A&D Gallery

The photographs, to be included in an upcoming exhibition at London's A&D Gallery, capture how these children spend their days at school, their moods, their routines and how they interact with one another in and out of the classroom.

Ben explains: “Having lived my whole life in the UK where we constantly hear about the shortcomings of state-run education, it was remarkable to see how eager the kids were and the fulfilment they showed by being in a learning environment, even though funding may not even cover the barest of essentials like books and pencils.

"There was a collective desire and determination to learn. They clearly understood the difference that an education will make in their lives; an understanding which, sadly, most of their parents never had the opportunity to realise and one which so many kids here in the UK still have a hard time grasping.”

The exhibition runs from 23 - 28 April 2018 at the A&D Gallery. Discover more here and on Instagram.


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