Superfried creates illustration inspired by MC Escher for Manchester-based Dsposal

Dsposal is an online hub connecting waste producers to licensed waste companies. Based in Manchester, they are on a mission to help tackle waste crime and promote waste as a valuable resource. To further convey the company's core values and latest services, the team called upon Superfried's Mark Richardson to develop a brand-led illustration.

All images courtesy of Superfried

All images courtesy of Superfried

Mark explains: "The client requested that the artwork include some kind of puzzle that could be navigated via the assistance of Dsposal. They had referenced a classic piece by MC Escher, Waterfall, featuring an infinite aqueduct. The continuous stream connected with their philosophy there is no such thing as throwing waste 'away', it goes somewhere. While the op-art style conveyed the puzzle element. This was particularly pleasing for me since Escher is my favourite artist.

"The isometric illusions within his work have obviously been referenced many times before. Consequently, to start building some potential distinction and ownership, I suggested that the structures be based on the distinctive form of the D within their brand marque."

Following this, Mark looked to summarise the benefits of the platform. Since it can be used by both commercial and domestic users for anything related to ethical waste disposal, he confessed this was a challenge.

"I simplified the process to three key user groups – commercial, domestic and legal. With this established, I could begin to build a confusing world where the desired destinations could be reached via Dsposal's direction.

"Since they would be guiding users through this confusing world and waste is transported via vehicles, it made sense that the paths should actually be roads. This would help to add an element of reality since the client also requested that the illustration should not become too fantastical in style."

Once the general structure had been agreed, the addition of fun details could commence. This would enable the artwork to be utilised in close-up to convey key functions in sufficient detail to ensure the imagery would not look sparse or ambiguous. The details included Environment Agency boats cleaning up the illegally discarded waste in the water system, a vertical football pitch, a helix based road, fish and a few sheep. Discover more at


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