Founders & Workers: Adam Pointer's drawings of people who have started something

Founders & Workers is a personal project by UK illustrator Adam Pointer, a curated selection of drawings of people who have started something; be it a brand, a store, studio, blog, a podcast or other creative venture and who work hard to keep their dream a reality.

Ben Neuhaus of [Snake Oil Provisions](

Ben Neuhaus of Snake Oil Provisions

I found out about it because Adam approached me, asking if I wanted to take part. I thought, why not. I've joined founders like LA-based Hrishikesh Hirway, the creator and host of Song Exploder, a podcast where musicians take apart their songs. Or Ben Neuhaus of Snake Oil Provisions (as featured above). And Stella Kattermann of Stella's Wardrobe, a London blog/diary of weekly outfits.

So what was the inspiration behind the project? "I enjoy drawing full figure portraits, I like that aesthetic," says Adam. "I guess style wise there is a nod to street style photoshoots. I’d done a couple of projects for Goodhood along those lines where I had drawn members of their staff and some leading figures in menswear design.

"I wanted to expand upon that and focus on and highlight people behind the scenes of creative ventures that I found interesting and present in a way that people would be encouraged to check out what they do. So alongside the drawing, I include a brief description, web links and ask participants to recommend and share some of their favourite pop culture inspirations: a song, a book, a designer, and a website. At the heart of the project for me is the sense of discovering new things and making new connections."

What details does Adam look out for? "The face and conveying a sense of likeness is obviously kind of key but I like to focus on textures and contrasts within the figure. Every mark becomes definitive, in the balance between the black and white and the overall success of the portrait."

Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Adam creates simple, stylish drawings of people and things for brands and publications such as Goodhood, Liberty, Cat Footwear, Diesel and Red Bull. Find out more at Or check out his Founders & Workers project to see my drawing along with those he's featured so far.

Stella Kattermann of [Stella's Wardrobe](

Stella Kattermann of Stella's Wardrobe

Hrishikesh Hirway of [Song Exploder](

Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder

Benny Gold, founder of the [Benny Gold]( brand

Benny Gold, founder of the Benny Gold brand

RJ Rushmore of [Vandalog](

RJ Rushmore of Vandalog

Me! Katy Cowan of [Creative Boom](

Me! Katy Cowan of Creative Boom

Tom Kirkby of [Breaks agency](

Tom Kirkby of Breaks agency


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