Freedom Boulevard: giant mural unveiled in Los Angeles by Berlin Wall artist Thierry Noir

Known worldwide for his brave disobedience during the Cold War in illegally painting miles of the Berlin Wall, Thierry Noir’s work stands as a symbol of freedom and an act of defiance against walls, borders, and persecution. Since the 1980s Noir has continued to paint murals around the world in his internationally known visual language.

This week, he has unveiled an enormous 15,000 sq ft public mural in Los Angeles. Entitled Freedom Boulevard, it's his newest and largest public work to date and comes at a time when public art has become a vital tool in amplifying social and political messages and revitalising communities.

Located in the North Hollywood Arts District and commissioned by building owner MWest Holdings, Noir’s massive mural encompasses much of the residential building and is painted in the “Fast Form Manifest” style developed in Berlin during the 1980s. Noir resided at the building for about a month while he completed the artwork. It sustains Noir's long history of creating public art in LA and his association with the city.

This mural also marks the 50th anniversary of Berlin and Los Angeles becoming sister cities. All images courtesy of Thierry Noir.


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