Flights of Fancy: the airborne hotels of Matthias Jung

Who doesn't love the idea of a flying hotel? Certainly not German creative Matthias Jung, whose floating cruise ships take you to places beyond our understanding.

At a time when we're all stuck at home, he invites you to take a journey of the imagination. "And take your time," he adds, "because the journey could take a few light years. Good conversation in the bars and cafes is not only encouraged but also necessary, since inspiration and imagination are the actual fuel."

Collages have fascinated Matthias since he was a child, he tells us. "It all began in the photo lab of my father. With scissors and glue, the first fantastic buildings were made. And basically, I don’t do anything differently nowadays. I cut apart my photos and make them into new shapes."

He adds: "I'm always amazed at how architectural details can evoke certain associations and feelings. How a latticed window conveys cosiness; one might even say soulfulness. Frameworks are soothing, sometimes touching. Antennas have something sinister about them. They point to something outside the picture. Concrete is cold and foreign, but maybe interesting for just that reason."


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